Our Master Programme in Medical Nuclide Techniques assessed as "very high quality"

The Swedish Higher Education Authority has the task of evaluating all higher education in Sweden. Th...

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Hanna Björkelund awarded grant for young scientists
Hanna Björkelund, researcher at Biomedical Radiation Sciences, has been awarded a young researchers ... Läs mer
Marika Nestor awarded a prestigious grant from the Swedish Research Council!

We are proud to announce that Marika Nestor, associate professor at BMS, has been awarded a prestigo...

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Välkommen till GenPat

Välkommen till Biomedicinsk strålningsvetenskap


The activities at the Unit of Biomedical Radiation Sciences involve both research and education. The "red line" of the research is the medical use of ionizing radiation (from radioactive nuclides, accelerators or reactors) and the biological and medical effects of such radiation. The subject is multidisciplinary employing persons with knowledge in physics, chemistry, biology and medicine. A major task is to develop new radiation based methods for imaging and therapy of tumours.



The education program is divided in four parts; undergraduate courses, undergraduate project works, research grade courses and research within the Ph.D. program. The number of persons working at the unit varies from time to time but is around 25. The number of Ph.D. students is about ten and the number of dissertations per year is 2-3. The research is organised in research groups headed by group leaders. The formation of research groups is dynamic and the persons involved can in some cases vary within short times. In addition we have close collaboration with research groups from other departments of Uppsala University and Uppsala Akademiska Hospital. Examples are oncology (e.g. proton radiotherapy and nuclear medicine), pathology (e.g. tumour biology) and PET-Centre.